• On city streets, park paths and even country lanes, street lights serve as beacons to guide night walkers. But have you ever thought about what kind of metal these street lights standing on both sides of the road are made of? Recently, a study on the material of street lamps revealed the unknown material secrets behind this common facility.


  • In city streets and public places, we can often see a variety of street light poles. So, what materials are these street light poles made of? Today, we will explore this issue.


  • With the acceleration of urbanization and people's continuous pursuit of environmental protection, cast aluminum light poles (Cast Aluminum Light Pole), as the new favorite of urban lighting systems, are gradually being favored by city managers everywhere. Cast aluminum light poles have become an ideal choice for urban lighting systems due to their light weight, durability, and environmental protection, driving a new round of innovation in the field of urban lighting.


  • As one of the representatives of outdoor leisure furniture, cast iron leisure benches are loved by consumers for their durability, classic appearance and beautiful features. Whether it is a park, courtyard or garden, cast iron leisure benches can provide people with a comfortable place to rest and become a beautiful addition to the outdoor space.


  • On city streets and highways, street lights are an important guarantee for the safety of driving and pedestrians at night. As for the manufacturing materials of street lights, their selection not only needs to take into account aesthetics and functionality, but also factors such as durability and environmental protection.


  • Cast iron, a material with a long history, has been widely used in our daily lives and modern industry for its unique durability and economy. From ancient iron bridges to modern kitchen utensils, cast iron products, with their diverse forms, demonstrate their irreplaceability in modern society.


  • As demand for outdoor recreational spaces continues to increase, cast aluminum products are increasingly favored by park managers and designers as a high-quality and durable outdoor furniture material. Recently, the application of cast aluminum products has become a common trend in many parks, adding a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere to outdoor parks.


  • At night in the city, the lights on both sides of the street are like stars guiding the direction, lighting up the way home. In order to make these stars more dazzling, Jinghua Casting Company announced today the launch of a new customized Street Lighting Pole service, aiming to provide more personalized, beautiful and efficient lighting solutions for urban streets.


  • As one of the common landscape facilities in urban spaces, cast iron benches have both practical functions and a certain degree of artistry. Now, a cast iron bench called Cast Iron Urban Bench has been unveiled. Its unique design and excellent quality are eye-catching.


  • With the accelerated development of urbanization, street lighting has become an integral part of urban planning. Street light poles, as an important component of the street lighting system, not only provide necessary lighting for pedestrians and vehicles at night, but also affect the beauty of the city and the quality of life of residents to a certain extent.


  • Established over two decades ago, Jinghua Casting has evolved from a modest foundry to a premier manufacturer of cast iron lamp posts, serving both domestic and international markets.


  • Light poles, also known as street lights, street lamps, or lamp posts, are an integral part of urban and suburban infrastructure, providing illumination for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists during nighttime or low-light conditions. The materials used in the construction of light poles are chosen based on factors such as strength, durability, weight, maintenance, cost, and aesthetic appeal.