Water Fountain

Hebei Jinghua Casting Co., Ltd is a water fountain manufacturer and supplier in China. We have specialized in cast iron outdoor decorative products for more than 30 years and exported our products to all the countries in the world with competitive prices, good quality and services. Our products include a light pole, lamp post, outdoor bench, garden bench, bollard, manhole cover, tree grille and grate, trash can and fountain and so on.

In the Garden, the water fountain is also an important landscape. It is a kind of water landscape art, and also has the functions of humidifying the surrounding air and reducing the temperature. There are many types of water fountains in the market. We mainly produce cast iron water fountains. It is a decoration that combines metal texture and artistic beauty. It is unique in its unique, elegant, warm and romantic artistic style. It has the style of European classical romanticism and the warm feeling of returning to nature.

Our water fountains have a beautiful appearance, high quality, easy to install and easy to maintain. It is suitable for any type of big garden or small garden.

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