Lamp Post

Hebei Jinghua Casting Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of lamp posts in China. Our lamp posts have been exported to European countries like Spain, England, Netherlands, Greece, Italy etc, and America, South Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Algeria etc. Our lamp posts are highly praised by customers for their excellent quality and reasonable prices.

As a common outdoor lighting fixture, our lamp posts can be installed in parks, residential areas, and commercial squares, meeting the requirements of different heights and different numbers of lights.​ Our lamp posts can be cast with various patterns according to customers’ needs.

Our annual output is 30,000 tons. Our lamp posts are in various styles, classical, modern etc. We can also produce for you according to your design by making new molds. ​The material of the lamp post can be made of gray cast iron, ductile iron and cast aluminum. Material, paint, paint color, packing material etc all can be made as your special requirements.

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  • We are one of the world-class outdoor lamp post suppliers and manufacturers. Our outdoor lamp post parts vary in styles and designs, mainly made from cast iron, ductile iron and cast aluminum, and customized to suitable for every urban decoration.

  • One of the biggest advantages to use cast aluminium lamp posts is its malleability. It is a soft metal, making it much easier to manipulate. Different styles, patterns, and designs are easier to achieve when using cast aluminium.

  • From the perspective of design and manufacturing, ductile iron lamp post has better castability and machinability. From casting to installation, ductile iron lam post is a more easily used. For this reason, many lamp posts are made of ductile iron.

  • The first stage is to prepare the mold, the molds are mainly made of aluminum, and the quality of the mold is an important factor for making high quality lamp post.