Traffic Barrier

Traffic barriers are used to guide traffic toward appropriate areas while ensuring clear sight lines and allowing pedestrian access. They guide cars by creating roadway demarcation, or prevent access to restricted areas like bike lanes, public squares, and traffic islands. On roadways without curbs, they can be used to prevent vehicles straying from the street. Sometimes they are used in association with other traffic calming methods, like speed humps or one-way streets, to prevent vehicles from attempting to avoid other traffic management elements. Architectural bollards such as these are most commonly used in public spaces.

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  • Road safety is essential for drivers and pedestrians. Road safety barriers are the most common but the important safety way. They are designed to protect drivers and pedestrians from potential harm by blocking off sections of a road or preventing vehicles from entering certain areas.

  • Traffic barriers are one of the most common things that people often see on roads, parks, schools and other public areas. We, Hebei Jinghua Casting co., ltd, manufactured security bollard traffic barrier in various sizes, shapes, and designs, including logo customization for more than 30 years.