Hebei Jinghua Casting Co., Ltd is a fountain manufacturer and supplier in China. We have specialized in cast iron outdoor decorative products for more than 30 years and exported our products to all the countries in the world with competitive prices, good quality and services. Our products include a light pole, lamp post, outdoor bench, garden bench, bollard, manhole cover, tree grille and grate, trash can and fountain and so on.

Fountains were originally used to provide drinking water and water for bathing and washing to the residents of cities, towns and villages. Now fountains have become purely decoration which are used to decorate city parks and squares for recreation and for entertainment. It is a kind of waters-cape art, which embodies the combination of dynamic and static, forms a bright and lively atmosphere, and gives people beautiful enjoyment. At the same time, it can also increase the content of negative ions in the air, purify the air, increase air humidity, and reduce the ambient temperature and so on. ​Therefore, it is deeply loved by people.

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